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Mileage Based Maintenance

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In today’s complex cars, hit or miss auto maintenance service can lead to very expensive and time-consuming breakdowns. Every auto manufacturer provides a mileage based maintenance schedule that details the maintenance service requirements specific to your vehicle. Following auto manufacturer recommended maintenance is quick and easy. Important services don’t fall through the cracks, and your car will continue to provide safe and reliable transportation for you and your family.

Automotive air conditioning maintenance is an often-neglected service. All manufacturers suggest an air conditioning output air temperature test at mileage based intervals, but testing output air doesn’t tell the whole story, especially at higher mileages. Mobile air conditioning compressors leak a very small amount of refrigerant and refrigerant oil from compressor seals as a normal operating condition. This small leak rarely causes problems in the first few years, but over time results in a low refrigerant and refrigerant oil condition. By the time low refrigerant affects output air temperatures, the damage has often been done. It’s far better to be proactive with air conditioning service. We recommend AC service every three years or 30000 miles, keeping you cool and protecting you from the high cost of AC compressor failure.

Timing belt failure can destroy an interference type engine instantly. Even a non-interference engine timing belt failure will be an expensive and inconvenient repair. Timing belt replacement intervals are part of your vehicle’s mileage based maintenance schedule, and can be as early as 5 years or 60000 miles, or as late as 10 years or 120000 miles. One thing is for sure — don’t neglect the timing belt!

Do you have a company car or leased car or truck with a maintenance plan? Did you purchase an extended warranty? Big Oak Citgo deals with many warranty companies such as ARI, Element, Wheels, The Mechanic and others. If your company is not on our list, just call or bring in your warranty papers and we can take it from there! We’re experts when it comes to dealing with the many twists and turns of extended warranty and maintenance plans, and we’ll fight to ensure you receive all that you are entitled to.

Big Oak Citgo respects the value of your time and will provide you with manufacturer recommended mileage-based maintenance solutions designed to provide value while minding your budget. If you’re unfamiliar with mileage based maintenance service we’ll be glad to explain why it’s required by auto manufacturers to protect warranties, and the only reliable and cost effective way to maintain your vehicle.
Do you need auto repair in Fairless Hills, PA? How about PA safety inspection and emissions testing in Morrisville, PA? Timing belt replacement in Yardley, PA? Maybe a wheel alignment or air conditioning service? Didn’t know we did wheel alignments and AC service? We sure do, along with a host of other auto maintenance services.
Whether you’re in Yardley, Fallsington, Lower Makefield, Fairless Hills, Morrisville, or Levittown, PA, call or stop in for an appointment today!

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