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5 Signs Your Vehicle’s AC Unit Needs Inspecting

With the hot months of summer coming up, having a properly functioning air conditioning unit in your vehicle is critical. Essentially, a car is like a greenhouse on wheels—when parked in the sun for just a few minutes—as the interior temperature of it will quickly rise well above the temperature outside. If there is an issue and you need air conditioning service or auto repair in Morrisville, PA, Big Oak Citgo is fully capable of tackling any problem you may have. To make sure your air conditioning is working correctly, you should keep these warning signs in mind so if you happen to notice any of them, you can get it taken care of before it’s too late.

  1. Air Isn’t Cold
  2. The most obvious warning sign. If the air isn’t cold, or no air comes out at all, then clearly something is wrong. You might be running low on refrigerant, or the cooling fans could be damaged. Or, perhaps the unit is just clogged by debris like leaves.

  3. Strange Noises
  4. If there are noises emanating from the air conditioning system when it is running (besides the standard sound of air blowing from the vents) there is probably something wrong with the unit. Listen for any clicking or rattling. There could be debris lodged in there somewhere. Maybe there is a part that is loose. Whatever it may be, don’t ignore it just because the air conditioning still works as it could lead to something worse, or a more expensive problem to fix.

  5. Bad Odor
  6. Another warning sign of an issue that needs addressing is a bad smell radiating from the air conditioning. Usually, that means there is mold growing from within the system. You should have it inspected as soon as possible because you are putting your health and the health of whoever else gets in your automobile at risk.

  7. Leaks or Stains
  8. If the water isn’t draining out from under your car, that could mean there is a leak where the liquid is secreting somewhere else prior to draining properly. Or, the drain is clogged, so the water backs up and overflows elsewhere. Check the interior of your car for stains and other signs of a leak. They typically pool on the floor in the front seats.

  9. Low Pressure
  10. Low air pressure from your unit when the fan is turned up high is a problem. When this happens, you’ll want to bring it to a professional for inspection as most leaks are small and difficult to find.

If you notice any of these signs in your air conditioning unit or you need any other kind of car repair in Morrisville, PA, don’t hesitate. Contact Big Oak Citgo by calling 215-310-0598 to make an appointment or browse the rest of our website for more information.