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Do I Need to Winterize My Car?

Back in the day, winterizing your car or truck was a fall chore no one looked forward to. Although time-consuming and often expensive, winterizing was necessary to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. Thanks to advances in design and manufacture, today’s cars do not need anything but mileage based maintenance to remain safe and reliable all year round. In fact, nothing special needs to be done for winter vehicle operation, with the possible exception of snow tires.

Of course, there are some things outside of the scope of maintenance service that might be a good idea. For instance, if your battery is more than five years old, it’s on borrowed time. Waiting for battery failure is usually not a good plan. It’s better to replace it before it dies, so you have another five years of good service. Wiper blades are another thing you should replace before failure. If your blades are streaking, skipping or noisy, you should replace them before the car suffers windshield damage.

New car manufacturers have made keeping up with maintenance simpler than ever. Extended service intervals and improved design make mileage based maintenance quick and easy. All you have to know is when the next mileage based service is due. In some cars, you don’t even have to know that as service intervals are determined by the car’s onboard computer, and based on user profiles. When the maintenance required light pops up on the car’s dashboard, then you know it’s time for service! It can’t get any simpler than that!

One of the most difficult parts of arranging car maintenance is finding the time. Losing your car or truck for the amount of time it takes to maintain it, is a hardship. If you use your vehicle for business, it’s even worse. The best auto repair shops in the Morrisville, PA area, like Big Oak Citgo, can pre-order the parts necessary to maintain your car, and deliver them when promised!

Big Oak Citgo provides flexible scheduling options for customers such as early morning and late evening drop-offs and pickups, half day appointments, wait appointments, and emergency appointments. In addition to our auto repair services, Big Oak Citgo is happy to offer PA auto inspections near Morrisville, PA, Levittown, and its surrounding communities. Make an appointment today by giving us a call at 215-295-4535!