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A Case for Coolant Service

When you own a car, there are a lot of routine maintenance checks to keep track of. It’s important to get all maintenance services done or you could face costly repairs or damage.

One of the biggest threats to your engine’s longevity is not maintaining your cooling system as
the manufacturer suggests. Changing your engine’s coolant at recommended intervals is just as important as changing your oil and oil filter.

What is Coolant?

Coolant is a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water:


  • Very good at removing heat
  • low boiling point and high freeze point
  • Can become corrosive (this can damage gaskets, freeze plugs and other cooling system components)


  • Necessary to improve coolant freeze and boiling points
  • Controls corrosion

The two ingredients, while they balance each other out, need to be changed regularly. The primary reason to change coolant is to replenish additives in the antifreeze, which deplete over time.

Your antifreeze formulation will depend on your car’s manufacturer. Coolant specifications for your car can be found in your owner’s manual.

When Should You Get Your Coolant Changed?

Coolant change intervals are found in your new car maintenance schedule, and are usually based on mileage or time. Depending on antifreeze formulation, service intervals can be as long as five years, or as short as two years. Like the formulation itself, service intervals are specific to the manufacturer and engine.

What is a Cooling System Service?

A cooling system service consists of:

  • Coolant replacement
  • Visual inspection of the cooling system
  • Coolant fan operation test
  • Thermostat operation test

There are no service intervals for things like water pumps, hoses, and radiators, making the visual inspection extremely important to prevent breakdowns.

Where Can You Get Cooling System Service?
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